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A space by the community for the community. Working together to strengthen synthetic biology research in Canada.
— SynBioCanada Steering Committee

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We aim to host a profile for every professor, research institute, and company interested in synthetic biology in Canada.

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The SynBio "Grand Challenges" Game

We're trying something new! Click here to read the rules (a work in progress).

  • Specific and tunable human gene editing +2, Score = 7
  • Carbon neutral chemicals & fuels +2, Score = 4
  • “Smart” therapeutics that sense and respond +0, Score = 4
  • Multi-host nitrogen-fixing microbes +0, Score = 2
  • Microbes for bioremediation +0, Score = 2
  • A genetic code that uses new amino acids -1, Current Score = -2
    Scores last updated June 17, 2019

SynBio Canada is working to strengthen the synthetic biology community in Canada, by explaining the latest research, and hosting profiles for researchers and companies. From there, we hope it will grow to foster new collaborations and exciting applications.

Synthetic biology (also referred to as synbio) is a relatively new branch of science, with a common aim of engineering biological systems. The goal is that of harnessing the intrinsic power of nature for many applications, ranging from the production of biofuels to the development of new medicines, and more.

Synthetic biology represents an incredible opportunity for Canada.

Around the world, hundreds of synthetic biology start-ups have been created, with private investment surpassing $1B for the first time in 2016. There have been some recent initiatives in Canada, such as investments by Genome Canada or the proposal for the creation of a synthetic biology Canadian instituteThis project aims to help the Canadian synthetic biology community organize, through the creation of a dedicated website at first, and the implementation of discussion groups and workshops.