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SynBio Canada

Our Mission

Our Mission


Synthetic biology represents a maturation of genetic engineering and biotechnology. It has the potential to reshape medicine, industry, and agriculture in Canada.

For this to be possible we need to create a strong community first.

Speaking with our peers, we realized that there is a great interest in doing this. However, nobody dares to take the first step. So we are going for it! 

Our vision is to create a space for the community to gather and share their ideas, news, and opportunities.

We do this on a volunteer basis and our hope is to keep up this project with the help of the Canadian and international research community. We strongly believe that this website could transform into a very interesting space to get to know each other and collaborate. 

Do you want to collaborate or join the team? Get in touch! 




Our website is our main instrument to allow the synbio community to get together and share information, ideas for collaborations, and news. We are always on the lookout for news about the synbio world and we would like to hear from you. You can follow our blog, and contribute to it yourself.

We have a dedicated space for the community. If you don't have time to actively participate in our activities, but you would like to give a chance to the community to find you and interact with you, we can feature the name of your laboratory, company, or iGEM team on our dedicated page. 

We also plan to have a billboard for job postings: are you looking for a job in synbio in Canada? Are you advertising a synbio opening in a university or company in Canada? Let us know and we can feature you on our billboard!


Our twitter page is a quick way to keep in touch. We will be posting up-to-date synbio news from across Canada and the rest of the world. Follow us @SynBioCanada to receive news in real time.


Discussion Groups

We are aiming to organize discussions and workshops on synbio across the country.  Our Community Officers are working hard to plan events, and bring you the latest news from your university. Interested in participating? Get in touch and we can help you establish a discussion group or a workshop.

Future Steps

These are just the first steps towards building a strong synthetic biology community and industry in Canada. We have a lot more ideas about what can be done!

Read the proposal for long-term solutions to strengthen synthetic biology in Canada


Sign the petition to show your support for a dedicated synthetic biology institute.